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Whether you are looking for a ballpark idea of how much you’ll qualify for or you have a property under contract, our online application makes the process simple and frictionless.

Our online application makes starting the refinance process simple and frictionless.

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Whether you're interested in a high rise in New York or a vacation home on the beach, we realize that no two homeowners share the same goals. That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of mortgage options—so that I can help you find the loan that meets your financial needs. Financing primary, secondary and investment property nationwide, no matter where the property is, chances are, we have a solution.

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Adjustable rate mortgage

ARM rates are typically lower than fixed rates so your payments stay low initially. After that, your payments will adjust periodically to the current rates. It may be a good option if you plan to own your home for less than five years.1

EverBank Preferred PortfolioSM Mortgages

Available as a fixed or adjustable rate mortgage, loan amounts start at $200,000 and extend into the millions. The ARM gives us the opportunity to be flexible—especially if you're self-employed or have a complex situation.

Preferred Equity Line2

An enticing alternative to more traditional financing, this mortgage offers payment benefits and cash flow convenience that can’t be rivaled by the 30-year fixed rate mortgage.

Fixed rate loan

You’ll make the same principal and interest payment over the life of the loan—meaning you can make financial plans always knowing what your payment will be. It can be a great solution if you’re planning to be in your house for the long haul.


From application to the closing paperwork, every loan goes through different phases — and each phase comes with its own set of to-dos. Watch our video to learn what you can expect during the process and to stay a step ahead. Of course, I'll be with you so that you get to closing quickly and easily.