Easy Deposits

Step to the front of the line

We work on your time, not the other way around. And when it's time to make a deposit, choose from several different options—all of which recognize that time is indeed money. Regardless of which you go with, you'll never find yourself standing around wasting valuable time.
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Online & Mobile Deposits

When you have a check you want to get to us today, we offer two great choices. Scan and send from your computer with our online service,1 or get our mobile banking app to make deposits when you're on the go.2

Key Features
  • Make deposits 24/7
  • View deposits the next business day
  • Access past images of checks

Online Transfers

Online transfers are a simple and effective way to add money to an account. In our Online Financial Center, you can transfer money between EverBank accounts as well as between us and other banks. Make them one at a time or on a recurring schedule.

Wire Transfers

To wire a deposit, simply pass along the instructions below to your sending institution. While we do not charge for this service, the other institution may.

  • EverBank wire routing number: 063000225
  • EverBank address: 501 Riverside Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32202
  • For credit to: [your name as it appears on your account]
  • Your address: [your address as it appears on your account]
  • Account number: [your account number]

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is probably the simplest way to build up an account balance quickly. It's also a smart decision financially because it means our high yields can start going to work for you almost immediately.

Free Envelope Alternative

As an alternative, and for your convenience, we also offer free, postage paid deposit envelopes.
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