Cash Management Solutions

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In business, efficiency plays a huge role in the vitality of your overall financials. At EverBank, we're stocked with key cash management solutions and tactics that'll keep your business finances on track and moving forward. From matters of simple bookkeeping and payment methods to complex financial reporting and analysis, we have the tools for the job. Our specialists are ready to put it all together for you.

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Business Online Banking

Experience full service, 24/7 access to all of your business banking needs through our multi-user Business Online Banking platform and mobile app.

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  • Balance & transaction reporting with export options
  • Business Mobile Banking with Mobile Deposits1
  • Check and Deposit Imaging2
  • Internal Transfers to and from each account
  • Online Statements
  • Stop Payments
  • QuickBooks Web Connect


Daily Deposits

We're doing our part to take the work out of making deposits. Depending on your needs, we offer a range of solutions to fit any sized business.

Office Deposits

We offer two options for making check deposits from your office with a computer-scanner combo. Our Remote Deposit Capture service is ideal for businesses that make 50 or more check deposits per month and carries with it a $35 monthly fee. For businesses with smaller deposit needs, we also offer a no-fee Online Check Deposit service.2
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Lockbox Service

For businesses with a large volume of incoming checks, our lockbox service provides a fast and streamlined method for receiving payments. All incoming payments are sent securely through a P.O. Box, then processed and deposited into your Business Analysis Checking Account.
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Moving Money

When running a business, we know that your money is constantly being moved to do everything from making payments to growing capital. With a full range of money moving tools at your disposal, we'll do the heavy lifting so you don't have to.

Online Money Moving Solutions
  • Make ACH State and Federal tax payments
  • Initiate domestic and foreign wire transfers
  • Make transfers between EverBank and other banks
  • Streamline your bill paying

Fraud Prevention

You've worked hard to build your business, so naturally you want to protect your funds and profits. That's why with every business account at EverBank, we offer various security measures to reduce fraud risk and prevent unauthorized transactions.

We've got your back
  • Monitoring services for unauthorized transactions
  • Positive pay for checks
  • Multi-level approval for online banking transactions
  • Stop payment on single or multiple checks

Checking Solutions

We've put together a broad range of checking solutions to meet an even broader range of business needs.

Small Business Checking

The account created exclusively for sole proprietors, it combines high yields with minimal fees.

Business Analysis Solutions

These accounts are designed for businesses with more than 200 monthly transactions. Business Analysis utilizes an earning credit rate to offset per item fees, while interest earnings offset fees associated with Business Interest Checking.

Business & Non-Profit Checking

We also offer a non-interest bearing, basic Business Checking account, as well as an interest-bearing solution geared specifically to non-profit groups.