WorldCurrency Access® Deposit Account

The account that will put your money on the map

If you’re a global investor, this is the account that will put you in control of your foreign currency future. The account works just like a typical savings account, so you’ll always have easy access to your currency reserves and the ability to quickly exchange into different currencies.1 Access our wide array of major and emerging market currencies today.2

Key features

  • Our 1% exchange rate advantageHere, you’ll enjoy a Customer Exchange Rate that is within 1% of the rates available to us.1
  • FDIC-insured against bank insolvency3
  • IRA-eligible
  • $2,500 to open or $100/mo. purchase plan4
  • Monthly maintenance fee may apply5

The currencies

Find your world of potential

Which of our currencies is garnering your interest? View our full offering now.

Australian dollar

Australian flag

Danish krone

Danish flag

Japanese yen

Japanese flag

Singapore dollar

Singapore flag

British pound

British flag


European Union flag

New Zealand dollar

New Zealand flag

Swedish krona

Swedish flag

Canadian dollar

Canadian flag

Hong Kong dollar

Hong Kong flag

Norwegian krone

Norwegian flag

Swiss franc

Swiss flag

Purchase plan option

Fund your account at your own pace

Our automatic purchase plan starts at just $100 per month and makes it simple to grow your balance over time and at your pace.4 This is an easy and convenient way to dollar-cost average a foreign currency investment strategy.

About dollar-cost averaging7
  • Implement a strategic approach to building an asset class over time
  • Make smaller, incremental investments rather than one single investment
  • Alleviate concern over trying to time an investment with the market

Invest today

Build your portfolio to perform

Don’t miss out on a market opportunity. Unlock potential today with a new investment account.

Information to keep in mind

  1. If you request funds in this account be denominated in a currency other than the currency you deposit with us, we will convert your currency using a Customer Exchange Rate that is within 1% of the Wholesale Rate for the selected foreign currency. The Wholesale Rate is a market price that we determine is available to us in the Wholesale Market for a specific Foreign Currency at a specific point in time. Exceptions may occur if we agree, in our sole discretion, to lock in your rate before the transaction. The Wholesale Rate is determined by us on a transaction-by-transaction basis and varies with the applicable wholesale trading market. Wholesale Rates are not published or publicly available. You are not obligated to conduct Currency Exchange transactions with us. For more information about our Exchange Rates, please see the Specific Terms - WorldCurrency® Deposit Accounts section in the Account Terms, Disclosures and Agreements Booklet.

  2. Deposits denominated in foreign currencies are susceptible to losses and gains due to currency price fluctuations and may result in a loss of principal.

  3. EverBank, N.A. is an FDIC-insured national banking association. The standard FDIC insurance limit of $250,000 applies per depositor, per insured depository institution for each account ownership category. FDIC insurance covers against loss due to the failure of the institution, but not due to fluctuations in currency values. Due to the nature and volatility of the foreign exchange market, the values of currencies are subject to wide fluctuations against the U.S. dollar. Foreign currency denominated instruments will entail significant risk exposure to adverse movements of the foreign currency relative to the U.S. dollar. The amount of deposit insurance available for products denominated in foreign currency will be determined and paid in the United States dollar equivalent of the foreign currency, as the value of such currency is determined by the FDIC under its regulations, on the institution's date of default. You can lose money, including principal, due to currency fluctuations. Please only deposit money that you can afford to risk, and as part of a broadly diversified strategy.

  4. We reserve the right to terminate the Automatic Purchase Plan or your involvement in the Automatic Purchase Plan at any time, for any reason, including but not limited to overdrafts of your companion cash management account.

  5. To view current monthly maintenance fees, visit our website at Any monthly maintenance fee charged to your account will be disclosed to you on your rate sheet at the time that you open your account, or on a separate disclosure that we will provide to you at least 30 days prior to imposing or changing any monthly maintenance fee. In addition, any monthly maintenance fee will be charged in the Foreign Currency in which the applicable WorldCurrency Access Deposit Account is denominated. See the Account Terms, Disclosures and Agreements Booklet for additional information regarding the monthly maintenance fee.


  6. This account is denominated or partially denominated in a Non-Deliverable Currency ("NDC"). We cannot deliver NDCs to you. We cannot send you such currencies in physical form, by check, by wire or through any other method. This means that, if you open a NDC Account, you will be able to withdraw your funds only in U.S. dollars. If the NDC Exchange Rate that we can provide to you when you withdraw funds is less favorable to you than when you opened your NDC Account, you will lose money. Do not open a NDC Account if you cannot afford this risk of loss. See the Specific Terms - WorldCurrency® Deposit Accounts section in the Account Terms, Disclosures and Agreements Booklet for more information.

  7. Dollar cost averaging is an investment strategy in which an investor purchases a fixed dollar amount of a particular asset on a regular schedule. Dollar cost averaging does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss, but it may mitigate against the downside risk of price volatility by spreading investments out over time.


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