• Our 1% pricing advantageHere, you’ll be able to purchase metals at a price that’s no more than 1% over the prices available to us. 2
  • Gold, silver, platinum & palladium available
  • No annual account fee
  • May convert to allocated coins or bars3
  • $5,000 to open or $100/mo. purchase plan4

This is a smart solution for those who prefer to time their metals purchases based on market conditions and expectations.

  • Minimum $5,000 to open
  • Invest additional funds to your account whenever you like

Our automatic purchase plan is used by investors who aren’t interested in trying to time the highs and lows of metals investing by utilizing dollar cost averaging as part of their investment strategy.5

  • Minimum $100 per month
  • Automatic draws from a companion EverBank account

Information to keep in mind

  1. Metals Select® products:

    Are Not FDIC Insured
    Are Not Bank or Government Guaranteed
    Are Not Deposits
    May Lose Value


    Purchasing or owning metals involves degrees of risk that make them unsuitable for certain individuals. You should carefully consider the suitability of such metals before making any decision. Metals Select transactions will not occur until your account is approved and sufficient funds are available. Please refer to the Specific Terms - Metals Select Accounts section in the Account Terms, Disclosures and Agreements Booklet for additional information.

  2. When selling or purchasing metals to or from you, we will offer a Customer Price that is within 1% of the Wholesale Price. The Wholesale Price is the price at which we determine we are able to buy or sell metals at a specific point in time. Exceptions may occur if we agree in our sole discretion to lock in your price before the transaction. The Wholesale Price is determined by us on a transaction-by-transaction basis and varies with the applicable wholesale trading market. Wholesale Prices are not published or publicly available. For more information about our precious metals pricing, please see the Specific Terms - Metals Select® Accounts section in the Account Terms, Disclosures and Agreements Booklet.

  3. You may convert some or all of the Precious Metals in your Unallocated Account into an Allocated Account at any time, subject to the minimum transaction value for a new Allocated Account. In order to convert your Unallocated Account to an Allocated Account, we will sell the Precious Metals in your Unallocated Account at the then current Wholesale Price and use the proceeds to purchase Precious Metals in bars or coins, also at the Wholesale Price. On conversion, you will be charged the difference in cost between the Wholesale Price for the purchase of the allocated Precious Metals and the Wholesale Price for the sale of the unallocated Precious Metals. We reserve the right to determine the number and size of the bars or coins purchased. Although you will not be required to pay a Spread in connection with this conversion, you may incur either account or delivery fees applicable to Allocated Accounts.

  4. We reserve the right to terminate the Automatic Purchase Plan or your involvement in the Automatic Purchase Plan at any time, for any reason, including but not limited to overdrafts of your companion cash management account.

  5. Dollar cost averaging is an investment strategy in which an investor purchases a fixed dollar amount of a particular asset on a regular schedule. Dollar cost averaging does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss, but it may mitigate against the downside risk of price volatility by spreading investments out over time.

  6. Deposits denominated in foreign currencies are susceptible to losses and gains due to currency price fluctuations and may result in a loss of principal.