Hurricane Relief

We’re Here to Support You

Our thoughts are with everyone impacted by Hurricanes Irma and Harvey. Your best interests are our primary concern during these challenging times. Rest assured we are only a phone call away should you need to reach us about your account, require credit card or mortgage payment relief, or need help accessing additional funds from your account. In times like this, the safety of you and your family takes precedence, and we're here to help.

Hurricane Relief Measures

For our clients in the impacted areas, the following support measures are available to you:

Should you require help with your mortgage, or if you’re having difficulty making an on-time payment, please call 1.888.882.3837.

EverBank Office Closures

EverBank has a number of banking and home lending offices throughout Florida. Many of these locations are open and ready to assist you. However, pending restoration of power and other local conditions, the following South Florida financial center will remain closed until further notice:

Daniels Financial Center
6321 Daniels Pkwy, Ft Myers, FL 33912

Certain South Florida home lending offices also continue to be without power and will remain closed until services are restored, so please call prior to making the decision to drive to a home lending office in your area.

We’re Here for You

For all of our clients in the impacted regions, we’re here for you. Use the following phone information to reach us about your accounts, loans or any other pressing financial matter.

Banking Clients
m 1.888.882.3837

Home Loan Clients
Payment support or servicing questions:
m 1.888.882.3837

Loans in process:
Call your loan officer or
m 1.877.436.4381

Business Banking Clients
m 1.866.371.3831, opt 5

Commercial Clients
m 1.314.851.1802