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Are You Making the Most of Your Money?

John Pataky | July 1, 2016 3 MIN READ

Offers, offers, and more offers. Discerning the good from the bad isn’t always that easy. Online, in the mail, on TV, and down the grocer’s aisle, there’s no end to the amazing savings we’d be crazy to pass up. Everywhere we turn, we’re peppered with the products and services we couldn’t possibly survive without, yet somehow have up until then. We’re marketing prey, perpetually in the cross hairs of the next big sale. And, yes, EverBank is most certainly an active participant in our offer-rich world. And we’re not ashamed to admit it. For us, it’s about helping you to make the most of your money.

Why Make a Yield Pledge?

As you may already know, we offer some fairly impressive rate incentives on our Yield Pledge® suite of accounts. These incentives, which include a 1-year intro APY for new checking and money market account holders and our Yield Pledge promise for all account holders, help us to both procure new clients and keep current ones. While we’re pretty sure that more than just a great rate is keeping our clients happy, it sure isn’t hurting things.

As for our Yield Pledge, this is our singular promise to keep our Yield Pledge Checking, Money Market and CD yields among the best in the marketplace.1 Clients no longer have to worry about chasing around for a higher rate. Instead, we do the work for them by adjusting our rates from time to time to ensure that our promise is continuously being met.

So, you may be wondering how we’re able to live up to such a promise. Well, it all boils down to the pillars upon which our company was built and continues to be managed. We’re relentlessly efficient, highly diversified, and steadfastly focused on our own performance. As a result, we’re able to pass through to our clients better rates and stronger earnings.

Like us, our clients value and appreciate the importance of strong financial performance. It’s likely what drew them and possibly you to us in the first place. And it’s our pleasure to reward your commitment to us with leading yields for so long as we have the honor of calling you a client. I suppose some might consider our Yield Pledge an offer. But we call it a promise for a reason: because it comes with no expiration date.

You Can’t Call It a Teaser

Our 1-year intro APY is a special rate offer that’s exclusive to first-time holders of our Yield Pledge Checking and Money Market Accounts. But you’d be hard pressed to call it a teaser rate. That’s because once the 1-year intro period has passed, yields are kept high as a result of our Yield Pledge. I tend to think of a teaser rate as something that will only be “a good deal” for a very limited amount of time, thus hardly worth the effort associated with switching banks. This wouldn’t qualify.

This is also one of the main reasons we’ve offered a new account introductory offer over the past two decades. We get that moving banks can at times be a challenge, and especially when transitioning online banking services such as bill pay. So, it’s our way of both thanking and rewarding you for your efforts by paying you a little extra interest during the initial year.

Maybe you found us because of these rate incentives, maybe you didn’t. Either way, we’re glad you’re here, and we hope you appreciate our commitment to your money’s performance.

John Pataky
John Pataky
EVP, EverBank Consumer Division
John Pataky
John Pataky
EVP, EverBank Consumer Division
John has long served as a leader in the financial services industry. And today, his focus on our clients' needs drives the strategic growth and evolution of our banking and home lending businesses.

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