Our IRA Workhorses,

Unique as the day is long

Retirement Accounts

Since it's not always about when you retire, but how you retire, it's time you considered our unique class of IRA options. By enabling many of our most popular accounts to be opened as IRAs, we're able to meet a broader range of savings strategies. You're working hard to get to retirement; let our IRAs get to work for you.

High Yield Banking

This year, give your IRA portfolio a cash boost with a Yield Pledge Money Market Account or Yield Pledge CD. These secure, high yield options work hard everyday to keep your money growing. Find out more about them now.

What to Know
  • Top 5% yields1
  • No risk to principal
  • No annual account fee
  • $5,000 to open

Foreign Currencies

Is the dollar holding your IRA portfolio back? Consider diversifying beyond the home currency and into the world of foreign currencies with any of our WorldCurrency accounts. Explore the accounts and the many currencies that are available today.

What to Know
  • Many currencies available
  • FDIC insured against bank insolvency2
  • No annual account fee
  • Account minimums vary by account type

Gold & Silver Coins

While we'd never guarantee future results based on past performance, there's no question that gold and silver have an impressive long-term history. That's one reason they could make a potentially smart addition to any IRA portfolio. Another is the fact that our Metals Select Allocated Account offers a superbly convenient method for acquiring your precious metals.

What to Know
  • American Eagles only
  • $7,500 to open
  • Non-FDIC insured account3


Through the wealth management and online brokerage arms of our business, discover even more ways to evolve your IRA.

Wealth Management

The advisors at EverBank Wealth Management4 have crafted a range of portfolio solutions that can be customized to your own individual goals and tolerance for risk.

Online Brokerage

With a brokerage account from EverTrade Direct Brokerage,5 gain real-time access to markets around the globe, a world of bonds, and a wide range of domestic stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

Note: Be sure you understand the special risks of foreign investing.