3-Year Petrol Currencies MarketSafe® CD

Steady global demand for oil can positively affect the currencies of major exporting nations, so we’ve combined the Brazilian real, Canadian dollar, Mexican peso and Russian ruble into our latest MarketSafe CD. If the performance of the equally weighted underlying currencies at maturity is positive, your market upside payment will be doubled, with no cap. If volatility is a concern, you’re totally covered with 100% protection of your deposited principal.1

Keep in mind, returns have no correlation to the price of oil and are based on CD performance-no Annual Percentage Yield or periodic rate of interest is paid on the CD and OID reporting rules apply. 2

Open and fund by April 19, 2018

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return scenarios

Here are the two potential return scenarios offered by this latest MarketSafe CD.

CD Performance, Plus Double Leverage Factor

If the currencies go up in value over the CD’s term, you’ll receive 2 times the average of their increase as your market upside payment, plus 100% of your deposited principal at CD maturity.1

100% Principal Protection

If the currencies decrease in value or remain flat, you’ll get back all of your deposited principal at CD maturity.1

Please see the full CD term sheet below for more details on potential return scenarios and certain CD payout examples.

CD term sheet p

Currency Breakdown

The Petrol Currencies MarketSafe CD is backed equally by the currencies of four top oil-exporters. And with global demand for oil on the rise, this could be a great time to get in on this one-time only opportunity.