MarketSafe® CDs

No risk, no reward? Don't bet on it.

How much money to risk on a new market opportunity? It's a balancing act like few others. It could mean a big payday or total loss. In creating our MarketSafe CDs, we've removed concern over principal risk from the equation. The performance of each CD is tied to a certain market like foreign currencies or commodities, and they are all free of any associated market risk.

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How it works

With a MarketSafe CD, your deposited principal is always secure. At CD maturity, that's the least you get back.1 Of course, that would only happen if the CD’s performance is not positive. Conversely, if the CD’s performance is positive, you'll earn a market upside payment on top of your principal. The actual rules governing each CD’s performance and how the upside payment is calculated vary from CD to CD and are fully explained in each CD issue's term sheet.

Term sheet access

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