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Start mining metals over time and at your pace with our automatic purchase plan.1 Available only with the non-FDIC insured Metals Select® Unallocated Account,2 this is a rare opportunity to grow your metals ownership from one month to the next, thus eliminating concern over timing your metals strategy with the market. Plans start at just $100 a month and will be funded through automatic monthly draws from a companion EverBank® cash management account.

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EverBank has an illustrious history of growth, stability and financial performance. So when you purchase your precious metals through us, you’ll be working with a healthy and reputable financial institution that puts your needs first. One big way we accomplish this, and which further sets us apart from metals dealers and brokers, is our cost advantage. Here, you won’t encounter inflated fees, as you’ll be buying your metals within 1% of the prices available to us.3 Let’s get started sharpening your portfolio today.
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