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Custom crafted by our dedicated investment research team, our growing range of portfolios1 offer innovative answers for some of today's most common investor objectives. With our diversified portfolios, get a comprehensive solution geared to your goals and tolerance for risk. With our niche, strategic portfolios, achieve a range of unique investment opportunities. Let's work together to find the best path to your goals today.

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Diversified portfolios

These comprehensive risk-focused portfolio solutions give investors direct access to a range of solutions that can be individually geared to your own individual goals and perspectives.

Conservative Portfolio Solutions

Our conservative portfolios are ideal for investors focused on risk to portfolio capital and minimizing drawdowns during extreme market swings. They’re comprised primarily of lower risk, stable return assets and include certain allocations specifically chosen to limit exposure to higher risk strategies.

Moderate Portfolio Solutions

These solutions strive to balance a range of risk with total return objectives. They include select, diverse sources of return that can minimize risk while also allowing for sound diversification and benefit.

Aggressive Portfolio Solutions

The aggressive portfolios are designed to maximize on returns over strategic time periods. They include diversification strategies for capitalizing on market inefficiencies caused by secular changes and are crafted to mitigate volatility that’s typical of aggressive allocations.

Managed Currency

Evolve your portfolio beyond the U.S. dollar with our Managed Currency Portfolios.

Managed Currency Portfolio with Metals

We developed the Managed Currency Portfolio with Metals2,3 to offer a solution for clients looking to diversify into an actively managed currency investment strategy. This portfolio is comprised primarily of foreign currencies selected based on economic fundamentals believed to lead to price appreciation relative to the U.S. dollar. The strategy provides diverse exposure to multiple foreign currencies plus modest exposure to precious metals that can help provide protection against declines in the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar.
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Managed Currency Portfolio

We’re also pleased to offer a non-metals version of the Managed Currency Portfolio.3 So if you’re already well diversified in metals or possibly searching for a new IRA opportunity, this could be your answer.
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