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Getting the perfect home sometimes requires financing that goes beyond the norm. For times like that, we're pleased to offer jumbo financing up to $3 million, great rates and direct access to our mortgage experts. While everyone has their own vision of the perfect home, some just dream on a larger scale. Feel free to dream big.

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Goal Analyzer

Use our goal analyzer to help guide your choice of mortgage product.

My Goal: To Have Stable Mortgage Payments

Answer: Choose a fixed rate loan to lock in a rate that won't ever change. An ARM could be a good option if you plan to sell within the initial fixed rate period.

Considerations: You'll minimize your monthly payment by opting for a longer-term mortgage, while a shorter term will let you pay off your loan sooner and realize substantial interest savings. Keep in mind, however, that while the rate may be lower for the shorter-term mortgage, the monthly payment will be quite a bit higher.

My Goal: To Minimize My Monthly Mortgage Payment

Answer: Choose from our range of ARM loans.

Considerations: You'll generally get a better rate and lower initial payments with our ARM products. However, if you plan to keep the home beyond the initial fixed rate period of the loan, your rate and payments could increase.

My Goal: To Maximize My Interest Savings

Answer: Choose a shorter-term fixed rate mortgage or possibly an ARM.

Considerations: A shorter-term fixed rate mortgage will result in you paying much less interest over the term of the loan as compared to a longer-term fixed rate mortgage. Our ARM products will generally carry a lower initial rate than that of our fixed rate loans and could be a good savings option for you if you intend to sell the property before the initial fixed rate period expires. After that, rates and payments could increase.

what you can expect

The lines of communication will always be open, as you'll have the support of a dedicated mortgage expert from start to finish. And with processing and underwriting under a single roof, you'll experience a smooth mortgage process all the way through closing.

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Jumbo Basics

Rate Considerations

It's important to keep in mind that rates on jumbo loans will typically be higher than that of a conforming loan. Our mortgage experts can help determine if a jumbo loan is ideal for you after going over your specific financial situation, loan needs and down payment capabilities.

Jumbo Loan Limits

Jumbo loan limits vary by county and are influenced by the cost of the area in which the property is located. At this time, jumbo loan amounts can range anywhere from $417,000 up to $3 million depending on location.

Property Types

Jumbo financing is available for the purchase or refinance (limited cash out option available) of primary, secondary and investment properties.

Looking to Refi?

A refinance should be simple. It should be fast. And it shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg. That's what we believe, and it's also what we deliver.1 You'll get a dedicated mortgage expert to serve as your single guide through our streamlined process. And because we know that closing costs can at times present a refi hurdle, we make it a point to keep our lender fees as low as possible.