We use a method called the “average daily balance (including new Purchases).” See your Cardholder Agreement for more details.

Information on your rights to dispute transactions and how to exercise those rights is provided in the Cardholder Agreement that will be provided to you before you begin using your new card.

New York residents may contact the New York State Department of Financial Services by telephone or visit its website for free information on comparative credit card rates, fees and grace periods. New York State Department of Financial Services: 1.800.342.3736 or http://www.dfs.ny.gov

We calculate the Purchase, Balance Transfers, Cash Advance and Penalty Annual Percentage Rates on your account by adding the margins described below to an “Index.” The Index is the highest domestic Prime Rate published in the “Money Rates” section of The Wall Street Journal (eastern edition) on the 15th day (or preceding business day, if the 15th is not a business day) of the calendar month immediately prior to the month in which the Billing Cycle begins. As of 09/05/2023, the Prime Rate is 8.50%.

The margins applicable to your account are as follows:

  • 6.75% to 20.50% will be added to the Index for Purchases and Balance Transfers
  • 15.75% to 29.50% will be added to the Index for Cash Advances
  • 17.75% to 31.50% will be added to the Index for Purchases, Balance Transfers and Cash Advance transactions if you are in default

We calculate the Interest Charges on your Account each month by applying a Monthly Periodic Rate to your Account balances. Details of those calculations are provided in the Cardholder Agreement you have received or will receive with your Card, which also is available at the Terms and Conditions link below. The Monthly Periodic Rate is 1/12th of the applicable APR, which is based on a Prime Rate of 8.50% as of 09/05/2023. The Monthly Periodic Rate for Purchases is 1.271% to 2.417%, the Monthly Periodic Rate for Cash Advances is 2.021% to 3.167%, the Monthly Periodic Rate for Balance Transfers is 1.271% to 2.417%, and the Monthly Periodic Rate used to calculate the Penalty APR is 2.188% to 3.333%.

Additional terms and conditions regarding your Annual Percentage Rates may apply and are disclosed in your Cardholder Agreement.

The information about interest, APRs, fees and other costs in this disclosure is accurate as of 09/05/2023 12:00 am (ET). This information may have changed after that date. You should contact us for any change after the printing date by calling 1.800.738.2615 or by writing to EverBank, Customer Service, Attention: TA-74, P.O. Box 31535, Tampa, FL 33631-3535.

This offer is valid for new Accounts only. You must be at least 18 years of age to apply. To help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, Federal law requires us to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person who opens an Account. While the information that we may request may vary depending on circumstances, at a minimum we will ask for your name, date of birth, street address, and identification numbers such as a Social Security number. You understand that we are required to verify the information that you provide, and that as part of this verification process we may require you to provide us with supporting documentation that we deem appropriate.

If you are under 21 years of age, in order to qualify for a EverBank rewards credit card, along with your application you must either provide financial information evidencing your independent ability to make the required minimum payments, or apply with a cosigner or joint applicant who is at least 21 years of age, who can evidence the ability to make the required payments, and who will be jointly liable for the debt on the account.

By requesting the Account you authorize the Bank to obtain and review your credit history in connection with your application for the Account and to obtain credit reports in the future when updating, renewing or extending your Account. You also authorize your employer to release and/or verify information to the Bank and its affiliates in order to determine your eligibility for the Account. Upon your request, you will be informed whether or not a credit report was requested, and, if so, the name and address of each agency that provided a credit report. You certify that all the information provided in your application is accurate. You authorize us to use all information obtained about you to determine your eligibility for the Account and any subsequent renewal of the Account or change in the credit limits.

You understand that if your application is approved, you will be issued an Account with an established credit limit that may be increased or decreased at any time, in our sole discretion. You understand that any use of the Account will constitute your acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Cardholder Agreement that will be sent with the card for the Account. You understand that the terms of your Account (including the APRs and fees) are subject to change as provided in the Cardholder Agreement. Neither the APRs nor fees on the Account as disclosed above are guaranteed. If approved for a credit limit of at least $5,000, you will receive a Visa Signature card. If approved for a credit limit that is less than $5,000, you will receive a Visa Platinum card. There are certain services and benefits available with the Visa Signature card that are not available with the Visa Platinum card. Benefit features associated with your card are subject to change at any time.

If you request additional services applicable to the Account (for example, if you decide to initiate a balance transfer or to enroll in the EverBank Rewards Program) you understand that such services will be governed by the terms and conditions applicable to such services that will be in effect when you enroll, and as may be amended from time to time. You also understand that there may be additional charges for your use of or participation in such services.

Military Lending Act Notice. Federal law provides important protections to members of the Armed Forces and their dependents relating to extensions of consumer credit. In general, the cost of consumer credit to a member of the Armed Forces and his or her dependent may not exceed an Annual Percentage Rate of 36%. This rate must include, as applicable to the credit transaction or account: The costs associated with credit insurance premiums; fees for ancillary products sold in connection with the credit transaction; any application fee charged (other than certain application fees for a credit card account). To hear this same disclosure and for a general description of your payment obligations for this account, please call 1.855.787.7764.

For our clients in the military, find out more about other statutory relief that may be available to you at everbank.com/scra.