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Fraud Warning for EverBank CD Clients

Several sources have alerted EverBank to recent fraudulent activity by an advisory firm, Cromwell Investments, which purports to sell EverBank CDs. EverBank does not offer CD products through a company by that name. If you have questions about your EverBank CD, or any other EverBank account, we invite you to call us at 1.888.882.3837 to speak with an EverBank client representative.


Patch Implemented for Internet Explorer Bug

Microsoft has issued a patch for the bug that could allow hackers to take control of your computer. Starting today, PC users will get an automatic update for Windows. The patch is also good for users of Windows XP.


New Internet Explorer Bug Discovered

For anyone using Internet Explorer (IE) versions 6 through 11, it may be smart to temporarily switch to an alternate web browser. Security experts have recently discovered a bug exclusive to IE. Hackers have taken advantage of this bug by creating a method of imbedding malware on a victim's computer that would enable them to essentially take over that person's computer. Until a patch is implemented, the Department of Homeland Security has advised against using IE.


No EverBank Impacts from Heartbleed Bug

Our online banking system has not been impacted by this bug since we do not use Open SSL technology. We also employ multiple layers of security that prevent these types of exploits. As always, let us know immediately if you suspect any unusual activity. We monitor accounts closely, and we use many different systems to protect clients' information, including rigorous security standards, encryption and the latest fraud-detection software. As this bug has reminded many around the country, it's also a good idea to update your bank password every few months.