Business CDARS® CD

Extra FDIC protection for your cash reserves

Key features

  • Access to FDIC insurance coverage on millions in depositsx

  • No setup charges

  • 15-day maturity noticeThe maturity notice will be sent to you through U.S. mail.

  • Multiple bank coverage with EverBank

  • $10,000 to open 

Feel confident with expanded financial security

Every situation is different, and when you need expanded FDIC insurance coverage, we’re pleased to offer a solution as an Intrafi Network member. That solution is the Business CDARS CD accountx which has the potential to provide you access to FDIC insurance coverage on up to $50 million in deposits.x Through the IntraFi Network, the funds you submit for placement in a CDARS CD with us are divided into amounts under the standard FDIC insurance maximum of $250K and placed into CDs at other banks in the network.x The benefits for you include broader financial security and the added convenience of working with just one bank while still accessing coverage through multiple institutions.

Rates and funding limits

TermFunding Limit*APYx
3 month$12M2.20%
6 month$12M3.75%
1 year$12M4.50%
2 year$1M1.95%
3 year$0.5M2.15%

*Funding limits above are per depositor, per term, per week, with an overall CDARS CD funding limit of $50M.x

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Routing Numbers

ACH: 063092110
Wire transfer: 063000225