• Wide range of payment options available
  • Fast and secure transaction authorization
  • Next day funding
  • Low equipment pricing and leasing options
  • Broad reporting capabilities
  • 24/7 support and account access

In today’s fast paced business world, the right merchant services can mean all the difference.1 That’s why we use Elavon, Inc. as our provider—to ensure you get the best payment options for your customers and support for your business. Elavon is consistently rated among the top global payment providers. With these merchant services available to all of our valued business checking clients, sales and revenue can come faster and easier than ever.

Need merchant services support?

  • Electronic check services
  • Accept payment with mobile device
  • Accept international MasterCard® and Visa® cards
  • Electronic gift cards, fleet cards and corporate purchasing cards
  • Electronic benfits transfer
  • Chargeback status reports
  • Retrieval status reports
  • Deposit reports

Monday Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. (ET)

Information to keep in mind

  1. Merchant Services are provided by Elavon, Inc., which is not affiliated with EverBank, N.A., its subsidiaries or affiliates. Elavon does provide EverBank, N.A. with referral fees for new accounts. Merchant Services is an optional program, with all applications subject to approval by Elavon. Fees apply.

  2. Our Web Safety Guarantee provides 100% protection for any funds lost due to unauthorized Online Use or an EverBank mistake. Online Use means any service which is used to initiate monetary transactions using our online banking platform, Online Bill Pay and Mobile Banking. Mobile Banking includes banking from web-enabled phones and other mobile devices. EverBank mistakes are limited to errors made solely by EverBank, and do not include those caused partly or entirely by (a) inaccurate or incomplete information provided by you, (b) your misuse of our services or systems, or (c) your failure to comply with all terms of our agreements with you. For more information about your responsibilities, please see the Online Banking Service Agreement and the Web Safety Guarantee sections in the Account Terms, Disclosures and Agreements Booklet.


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    Web Safety Guarantee

    • Ensure you (or your employees) keep your online access credentials to yourself. Do not share them with anyone. If you suspect that your username, password, token, security code and/or PIN have been lost or stolen, change them and contact us immediately. At any time you may ask us to disable your password and issue a new one to you.
    • Report any unauthorized access or suspicious activity on your account immediately.
    • You (or your employees) should never leave computers or mobile devices unattended while logged in to the EverBank website; always log out completely when finished. To notify EverBank of unauthorized activity, please call Client Solutions or Business Support.

    For more information about your responsibilities, please see the Web Safety Guarantee section in the Terms and Conditions booklet that pertains to you.

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