Foreign exchange

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With a dedicated EverBank forex specialist at your side, your international financial needs will be met with the service and precision your business requires. With over 30 years of experience in business foreign exchange, EverBank has the tools, options and services you need to start working better around the globe.


Meeting the everyday needs of business clients

  • Make quick and easy international transactions
  • Lock in favorable exchange rates1
  • Easily manage foreign and domestic wires online
  • Access to foreign exchange experts who will design solutions unique to your business

Risk mitigation strategies

Concierge services that protect your bottom line

In an increasingly complex global economy, understanding and mitigating risk associated with currency volatility is a critical component to your business. So we offer the resources and expertise to help you potentially hedge against currency risks, implement a smarter investment strategy and protect your budget forecast.

Spot transactions

Purchase a foreign currency at prices within 1% of the current spot price,1 for immediate availability.

  • Ability to purchase, send, receive and hold multiple foreign currencies in a single portfolio
  • Implement a strategic approach to your foreign currency purchases to help alleviate concern over trying to time the markets
  • Funds can be sent to a beneficiary or deposited into a WorldCurrency Access® Deposit account

Forward contracts

Lock in at today’s exchange rates to help stabilize your future purchase price.

  • $1M minimum transaction amount
  • Initial required deposit equal to 20% of the face value of the agreed contract
  • 12-month contract maximum
  • Highly competitive exchange rates1
  • Funds will be deposited into a WorldCurrency Access® Deposit account after Settlement Date

The currencies

Find your world of potential

Which of our currencies is garnering your interest? View our full offering now.

Australian dollar

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Danish krone

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Japanese yen

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Singapore dollar

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British pound

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New Zealand dollar

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Swedish krona

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Canadian dollar

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Hong Kong dollar

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Norwegian krone

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Swiss franc

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Information to keep in mind

  1. If you request funds in this account be denominated in a currency other than the currency you deposit with us, we will convert your currency using a Customer Exchange Rate that is within 1% of the Wholesale Rate for the selected foreign currency. The Wholesale Rate is a market price that we determine is available to us in the Wholesale Market for a specific Foreign Currency at a specific point in time. Exceptions may occur if we agree, in our sole discretion, to lock in your rate before the transaction. The Wholesale Rate is determined by us on a transaction-by-transaction basis and varies with the applicable wholesale trading market. Wholesale Rates are not published or publicly available. You are not obligated to conduct Currency Exchange transactions with us. For more information about our Exchange Rates, please see the Specific Terms - WorldCurrency® Deposit Accounts section in the Account Terms, Disclosures and Agreements Booklet.

  2. This account is denominated or partially denominated in a Non-Deliverable Currency ("NDC"). We cannot deliver NDCs to you. We cannot send you such currencies in physical form, by check, by wire or through any other method. This means that, if you open a NDC Account, you will be able to withdraw your funds only in U.S. dollars. If the NDC Exchange Rate that we can provide to you when you withdraw funds is less favorable to you than when you opened your NDC Account, you will lose money. Do not open a NDC Account if you cannot afford this risk of loss. See the Specific Terms - WorldCurrency® Deposit Accounts section in the Account Terms, Disclosures and Agreements Booklet for more information.


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