Online & Mobile Safety

We sleep with one eye open so you don't have to

Client safety is at the center of everything we do. From how we work and communicate with you to the latest technologies, we're supported by a full range of trusted security measures that'll let you bank with total confidence. So that you can rest even easier at night, we're also pleased to deliver a range of safety tools and tips you can start putting into action today.

online banking shield

Not ones to leave anything to chance, we're pleased to be a direct provider of Trusteer Rapport,1 a leading software solution that will button up the security of your computer when banking with us online.

  • Prevents malware from tampering with online transactions
  • Removes malicious malware from computer
  • Sends reports of malware and phishing attempts
  • Protects online banking sign on information
  • Shows when on an unprotected site
  • Works with installed antivirus software

Mobile Security

The convenience of mobile banking is unparalleled. Consider implementing the following safety practices so that you can maximize its convenience with a better sense of security.

Simple Steps for Staying Safe
  • Passcode protect your mobile device
  • Keep your operating system and apps up-to-date
  • Download an antivirus app
  • Learn how to ‘remote wipe’ your data (solutions vary by operating system)
  • Never reply to fraudulent texts or click any link inside them
  • Always be sure to sign off from secure sites and never store your sign on credentials

fending off ID theft

With the escalation in identity theft cases around the world, it's vital that you know what to watch out for. That's where we come in. We've compiled information on the most common ID theft schemes and steps you can take to help keep them from happening to you.
Be vigilant against id theft >

our web safety guarantee

We can't emphasize enough how dedicated we are to making sure you trust us with your money. So we let our guarantee do the talking.

Our Guarantee Provides 100% Protection2 for:

  • Any funds in your business deposit accounts that are lost due to unauthorized Online Use or an EverBank mistake.
  • Fees for late bill payments if your payment doesn't arrive by the 'Deliver By' date shown in the online bill payment calendar; and
  • Any funds misdirected or not transferred because of an EverBank mistake.

To Qualify for Coverage, You'll Need to:

  • Ensure you and your employees keep your online access credentials secure. Do not share them with anyone. If you suspect that any of your usernames, passwords, tokens, security codes and/or PINs have been lost or stolen, change them and contact us immediately. At any time you may ask us to disable your password and issue a new one to you.
  • Report any unauthorized access or suspicious activity on your account immediately.
  • You and your employees should never leave your computers or mobile devices unattended while logged in to the EverBank website; always log out completely when finished.
  • For more information about your responsibilities, please see the online banking service agreement in the Account Terms, Disclosures and Agreements Booklet p.

report suspicious activity

We're here for you around the clock. Call us immediately at 888.882.3837 if you ever suspect any unauthorized activity with your account.

Information compromised? Consider these measures:
  • Contacting local police to file a police report
  • Requesting a hold on any bank accounts and online accounts you believe may have been compromised
  • Placing a credit freeze on your account with one of the three major credit bureaus
  • Filing a report with the Federal Trade Commission