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We’re Ready to Work for You

We’re Ready to Work for You


A healthy business needs both profits and savings. Lock in one or more Business CDs today and turn your savings into earnings. A secure solution for growing and preserving funds, check out today’s rates and our range of terms now.

Key Features
  • $1,500 to open
  • No monthly maintenance fee
  • Terms from 3 months to 5 years
  • 20-day maturity alert
  • Automatic rollover
Calculate Your Earnings
  • 3 MO
  • 6 MO
  • 9 MO
  • 1 YR
  • 1.5 YR
  • 2 YR
  • 2.5 YR
  • 3 YR
  • 4 YR
  • 5 YR
  • APYs shown for balances up to $1 million. Call for additional rates. Earnings are illustrative and based on CDs held to maturity. Actual earnings may differ based on rounding factors.1



    Check out our full range of business checking solutions today. We’ve built our lineup of accounts to satisfy the needs of nearly any type of business. While many offer exceptional rates and the opportunity for healthy earnings, they all deliver a comprehensive set of features, services and solutions geared for day in, day out business banking efficiency.

    Maximize your Earnings

    3 Simple Steps to Ladder Construction

    Here’s another way to get the most out of your money. By constructing a CD ladder, you can increase your savings potential while also enjoying regular access to your funds.

    • Open multiple CDs of varying durations
    • As each matures, roll into our highest yielding, 5-year CD
    • Collect earnings from the 5-year CDs over a staggered time frame
    CD Ladder illustration A stack of horizontal bars demonstrating the concept of laddering CDs 5-YR CD 5-YR CD 5-YR CD 5-YR CD 5-YR CD 1-YR CD END OF YEAR 2-YR CD 3-YR CD 4-YR CD 5-YR CD 1 2 3 4 5 10


    Where Solutions Plus Expertise Equals Results

    No two businesses are exactly alike. And we’re not like every bank. Here, we’ll first get to know and understand your specific goals and banking needs. And from there we’ll equip you with the right banking solutions for the job. Business is already stressful enough without your banking getting in the way. Let our specialists show you a better way.

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