It's exhilarating to buy and hold a new gold coin. Not many would argue that. And while many prefer this approach, plenty of others find it just as exhilarating to earn all the same financial rewards but without the storage or annual account fee. Enter our non-FDIC insured Metals Select® Unallocated Account.1 Instead of buying particular coins or bars, you buy into a pool of precious metals, which may be in the form of bars, coins or bullion. So if you're looking to diversify in metals while fending off fees, you'll flip over this.

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your purchase options

Because every investor is different, we offer two distinct ways to buy your metals. Choose our Metals Select Allocated Account to buy specific coins and bars directly, or opt for the more affordable Metals Select Unallocated Account and have your metals pooled with other EverBank clients.

Allocated Unallocated
Minimum to open $7,500 $5,000 or $100/mo.
Purchase plan available2 Y
Storage & delivery options (fees apply) Y
No annual account fee Y
IRA eligible: gold and silver American Eagles only Y

With an unallocated account, you'll always have the option to convert to an allocated account4 and request that we store or deliver your metals for a fee.

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Buy with Confidence

We back our smart, simple and cost effective solutions for diversifying in precious metals with a combination of assurances you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

The Financially Savvy Choice

One big factor that sets us even further apart from metals dealers and brokers is our cost advantage. Here, you won’t encounter inflated fees, as you’ll be buying your metals within 1% of the prices available to us.3

Expert Support & Service

For us, this isn’t a buy and goodbye relationship. We understand that your financial goals and preferences are likely to shift over time. So when you choose us as your metals provider, you can count on the support of a team of metals experts eager to put their experience and insights to work for you.

Financial Strength & Stability

EverBank has an illustrious history of growth, stability and financial performance. So when you purchase your precious metals through us, you’ll be working with a healthy and reputable financial institution that puts your needs first.