We partner with commercial real estate brokers to provide a variety of customized on-balance sheet financing solutions for stabilized multifamily and commercial properties nationwide, while bringing a deep level of expertise, reliable and fast service, and competitive rates and terms to every deal we close.

EverBank’s Commercial Real Estate division offers streamlined acquisition, refinance and construction take-out options for multifamily properties with fifteen plus units. Our financing experts maintain relationships with national and regional mortgage brokerage companies across the country and can help you cover more ground and close deals efficiently to meet your clients’ unique needs and goals.

  • 15+ unit residential
  • Mixed use
  • Manufactured housing
  • Student housing
  • Fixed, floating, reset and hybrid rate options
  • Low cost transactions with limited escrows
  • Flexible (step down) prepayment options
  • Non and partial recourse options available
  • Interest only structures available
  • Cash-out options
  • Extended forward rate lock (up to 12 months)

65% LTV; 10 yr term; 30 yr amort. 

Hebron, Kentucky

55% LTV; 5 yr term; 5 yr I/O; 30 yr amort. 
Partial recourse

Fayetteville, Arkansas

53% LTV; 5 yr term; 25 yr amort. 

Tucson, Arizona 

61% LTV; 5 yr term; 1 yr I/O; 30 yr amort. 

Burr Ridge, Illinois

65% LTV; 10 yr term; 30 yr amort. 

Santa Maria, California 

55% LTV; 10 yr term; 30 yr amort.
Partial recourse

North Hollywood, California 

Information to keep in mind

    • With commercial real estate transactions, additional fees and closing costs such as insurance and/or appraisals may apply. You will be provided closing costs throughout the closing process. Some property types may not qualify. Some applications may require additional information or consideration. Product terms and conditions are subject to change. Each proposed product is subject to EverBank’s approval process. Normal credit standards apply.