You're worldly.

So why isn't your money?

Foreign currencies

It's tough to quantify the immense value gained from traveling the world and learning from new cultures. What's easier to quantify is the value of adding foreign currencies to your financial portfolio. It can mean broader diversification, less portfolio volatility and new gains—and like with world travel, it's also important that you understand the risks.1 With our WorldCurrency® accounts, you'll discover simple and straightforward access to the world's major currencies and many from emerging markets. You'd never restrict yourself to national boundaries, so why restrict your money?

Track Exchange Rates

Many different currencies are available. Use the flags to access more about each of them, including current and historic exchange rate information.

Risks & Rewards

All world travel involves some potential for risk and reward. The same holds true when putting money into the world's currencies. Know them up front so you can diversify with confidence.

Know the Risks

Loss of principal is possible with all of our currency products. While many of our accounts will pay interest based on the country's prevailing rates, fluctuations in the value of the currency against the U.S. dollar could offset any interest earnings and result in loss of principal at conversion. Keep in mind that currency prices are generally unpredictable and may be influenced by a number of different factors. Also, due to currency exchange controls and other considerations, certain currency products are undeliverable.4

Appreciate the Rewards

Foreign currencies are a unique asset class that can help you achieve a number of key financial goals. And while many experts agree that currencies can be a sound addition to a portfolio, it's for you to weigh the risk with the rewards.

Gain Global Know How

Don't go at the globe alone. With EverBank, you'll always have the support of foreign currency experts with vast global experience. Call on them whenever you have questions, need help or wish to make a transaction. We're also here for you online with our currency exchange rate pages and other insightful resources that may be used to enhance your currency savvy even more.