MarketSafe® CDs

No risk, no reward? Don’t bet on it.

When available, our limited-time MarketSafe CDs offer up a unique opportunity to tap into historically risky markets with zero risk of loss to your principal.1

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Safety first

Where the only potential is positive potential

Are you always wondering how much money to risk on a new market opportunity? It’s a balancing act like few others. It could mean a big payday or total loss. In creating our U.S. dollar-denominated MarketSafe CDs, we’ve removed concern over principal risk from the equation. Discover this safe alternative for tapping into the potential of historically risky markets, like foreign currencies and commodities, today.

  • 100% principal protection1

    Our MarketSafe CDs offer a unique combination of 100% principal protection and the potential for strong, market-driven gains. Yes, sometimes the smartest investments are in fact the safest ones.

  • Financial innovation at work for you

    While traditional CDs have their place in many peoples’ financial plans, not all plans are created the same. With a MarketSafe CD, you can seek more.

How it works

Seek the upside, skip the downside

With a MarketSafe CD, your principal deposit is always secure.1 So in the event of poor CD performance over the term of the CD, the least you’ll get back is your upfront investment. On the other hand, if there’s positive performance over the CD term, you’ll receive a Market Upside Payment on top of 100% of your principal deposit. Market Upside Payment calculations may vary by MarketSafe CD and will be explained on the applicable CD’s term sheet.

Your principal deposit is 100% secure. If the market gains, you'll receive an upside payment. If the market loses or maintains, you will retain your principal.

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Information to keep in mind

  1. MarketSafe® CDs, if held to the Maturity Date, will have a guaranteed return of the deposited principal ("Principal Protection"). Principal Protection only applies to CDs held to maturity. In the event of EverBank, N.A.'s failure, all of your deposits with EverBank, including this MarketSafe CD, will be aggregated and insured by the FDIC up to the $250,000 maximum. Except in the event of death or adjudication of incompetence of the holder of the MarketSafe CD, you may not withdraw any part of the CD prior to maturity. If you do withdraw early, even if that is due to the death or adjudicated incompetency of the holder of the CD, you will NOT receive Principal Protection and will NOT benefit from any upside potential of the Reference Index, and may experience a loss of principal as an early withdrawal penalty. See the Specific Terms - MarketSafe Certificate of Deposit Accounts section in the Account Terms, Disclosures and Agreements Booklet for more information.


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