WorldCurrency Access® Deposit Account

The account that will put your money on the map

If you’re a global investor, this is the account that will put you in control of your foreign currency future. The account works just like a typical savings account, so you’ll always have easy access to your currency reserves and the ability to quickly exchange into different currencies.x Access our wide array of major and emerging market currencies today.x

Key features

  • Our 1% exchange rate advantageHere, you’ll enjoy a Customer Exchange Rate that is within 1% of the rates available to us.x
  • FDIC-insured against bank insolvencyx
  • IRA-eligible
  • $2,500 to open or $100/mo. purchase planx
  • Monthly maintenance fee may applyx

The currencies

Find your world of potential

Which of our currencies is garnering your interest? View our full offering now.

Purchase plan option

Fund your account at your own pace

Our automatic purchase plan starts at just $100 per month and makes it simple to grow your balance over time and at your pace.x This is an easy and convenient way to dollar-cost average a foreign currency investment strategy.

About dollar-cost averagingx
  • Implement a strategic approach to building an asset class over time
  • Make smaller, incremental investments rather than one single investment
  • Alleviate concern over trying to time an investment with the market

Invest today

Build your portfolio to perform

Don’t miss out on a market opportunity. Unlock potential today with a new investment account.


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