WorldCurrency® CD Baskets

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Not sure where to plant your money? No problem. Look to our CD baskets for instant access to up to 6 currency CDs with a single investment. Our CD baskets, while providing built-in diversification, also deliver a more affordable route compared to holding multiple, single-currency CDs in your portfolio.x

Key features

  • Our 1% exchange rate advantageHere, you’ll enjoy a Customer Exchange Rate that is within 1% of the rates available to us.x
  • 3-month terms

  • No rollover fees

  • FDIC-insuredx

  • IRA-eligible

  • $20,000 to open

The baskets

One investment, instant diversification

The nations whose currencies comprise each CD basket share one overarching characteristic: they’re either commodity rich, economy driven or geographically inspired. Access details about our CD baskets below.

The nations whose currencies comprise these baskets may benefit from increased world demand for their tremendous natural resources.

CD BasketBreakdown
CommodityAustralian dollar (25%), Canadian dollar (25%), New Zealand dollar (25%), South African rand (25%)
Global Power Shift®x Australian dollar (25%), Brazilian real (25%), Canadian dollar (25%), Norwegian krone (25%)
New World Energy℠Australian dollar (33.3%), Canadian dollar (33.3%), Norwegian krone (33.3%)
Ultra Resource®Australian dollar (16.7%), Canadian dollar (16.7%), Hong Kong dollar (16.7%), New Zealand dollar (16.7%), Norwegian krone (16.7%), Singapore dollar (16.7%)

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