Metals Select® Coins

Add some weight to your portfolio

Cherished for more than just their intrinsic beauty, precious metals can also hold a valuable spot inside your financial portfolio. Choose EverBank as your metals provider, and get rewarded with highly competitive pricing and the added confidence that comes from choosing a strong, stable and reputable financial institution. Explore our non-FDIC-insured Metals Select coins today.x

Key features

  • Our 1% pricing advantageHere, you’ll be able to purchase metals at a price that’s no more than 1% over the prices available to us.x
  • Gold, silver, platinum and palladium available
  • Home delivery available (fee applies)
  • IRA-eligible options
  • $7,500 to openKeep in mind metals prices change frequently, which means you could receive a varying number of coins and bars depending on the date and types of metals you wish to purchase.

What’s available?

Browse our current offering

When building your metals portfolio, choose from a variety of the world’s most popular coins.


Diversify your assets with our wide range of gold investment offerings.


Give your portfolio a silver lining with our silver coins.


Invest in a unique metal with our platinum selection.


Keep your investments future-focused with our palladium investment opportunities.

Discover unallocated metals

Another golden opportunity to diversify

Did you know you can also invest in metals without buying actual coins? With our unallocated metals solution, you can bypass all storage or delivery fees while still reaping the rewards of potential increases in metals prices. You may even invest with as little as $100 per month, thanks to the account’s monthly automatic purchase plan option.x

Foreign currencies

Take your portfolio beyond the dollar

Gain access to many of the world’s major and emerging markets through our WorldCurrency® solutions.x You’ll discover a wide variety of account options, competitive pricing and dedicated support from our team of experts.

Invest today

Build your portfolio to perform

Don’t miss out on a market opportunity. Unlock potential today with precious metal coins.


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