Digital Wallet Terms of Use

If your mobile or other electronic device (“Device”) hosts a digital, virtual or mobile wallet application or platform (“Wallet”) that allows you to register, validate, store and use credit card or debit card information (“Cards”) to make contactless purchases, you may add EverBank Cards to the Wallet by agreeing to these Terms of Use (the “Terms”).

You are requesting, and EverBank is providing, a process whereby EverBank allows you to photograph or otherwise input the data from your physical Cards into a Wallet on a Device (“Service”). The card data is then encrypted and each card is assigned a unique reference number thereby making it a “Virtual Card,” which when used in combination with a transaction specific security code, can be transmitted to process your payment to a merchant. The number on the physical card is not included in the transaction.

The Wallet and the processing of Virtual Card transactions are services that are provided by third parties without any warranty from EverBank. You acknowledge that EverBank is not a party to the agreement between you and the Wallet provider or the Virtual Card processor. EverBank is not responsible for delay, interruption or other failure, maintenance, support, software issues, or any damages, including but not limited to product liability claims and regulatory matters.

Your card agreement also applies

Your EverBank Card is governed either by the EverBank terms and conditions for your deposit account, if your Card is a debit card, or by the EverBank terms and conditions for your credit card, if your Card is a credit card (your “Account Agreement,” as applicable, which includes all disclosures and other agreements referenced by or incorporated into your Account Agreement). If your Card is a debit card, your payment transactions using the Service are subject to all provisions governing debit card transfers in the Electronic Fund Transfer Disclosures in your Account Agreement. These Terms supplement and are part of your Account Agreement. If a discrepancy or inconsistency is determined to exist between these Terms and the Account Agreement, these Terms shall control with respect to the Service, but only to the extent necessary to address the discrepancy or inconsistency.

Important security notice

If your Device is lost or stolen, your fingerprint identity, password or other authentication mechanism is comprised, or you have any reason to believe fraud or theft has or could be committed in relation to your Cards, you MUST notify EverBank IMMEDIATELY at 1.888.882.3837. If you fail to do so, you may be liable for part or all of the losses in connection with unauthorized use of your Cards. You might want to consider activating any Device setting that assists you with finding a lost Device, designating the Device as lost or erasing data if it is confirmed to be lost. Don’t forget to delete your Wallet from your Device if you discard or replace your Device.


EverBank does not charge a fee for the Service. Your Device carrier may impose data, usage, text messaging or other third party fees. You consent to receiving test messages, if necessary for Card validation.

Terms may change

EverBank may change these Terms at any time without notice to you. The most current version will be available on the EverBank website and you are bound by all revisions, so please review the Terms at from time to time. Subject to applicable law, EverBank may terminate, modify or suspend this Service, change the eligibility of Cards or update the verification process.


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