WorldCurrency® CD Baskets

Discover our certificates of diversification

Not sure where to plant your money? No problem. Look to our CD baskets for instant access to up to 6 currency CDs with a single investment. Our CD baskets, while providing built-in diversification, also deliver a more affordable route compared to holding multiple, single-currency CDs in your portfolio.x

Key features

  • Our 1% exchange rate advantageHere, you’ll enjoy a Customer Exchange Rate that is within 1% of the rates available to us.x
  • 3-month terms

  • No rollover fees

  • FDIC-insuredx

  • IRA-eligible

  • $20,000 to open

The baskets

One investment, instant diversification

The nations whose currencies comprise each CD basket share one overarching characteristic: they’re either commodity rich, economy driven or geographically inspired. Access details about our CD baskets below.

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