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Discover the foreign currency accounts that can satisfy your investing needs. Our approach is simple: to simplify how you invest in foreign currencies in a very familiar and much less foreign way.x

  • Over 20 currencies available
  • Choose from single currencies or currency groups
  • Automatic purchase plan optionx
  • FDIC-insuredx
  • IRA-eligible

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  • Access Deposit Account

    Our WorldCurrency Access® Deposit Account offers a smart and familiar way to hold money in a foreign currency. Operating just like a traditional money market account, the account can provide you access via wire transfer to your foreign currency holdings at points across the globe. You can also move money between currencies or back into the U.S. dollar.x

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  • Single-Currency CDs

    Are you feeling bullish on a single currency? Gain direct access to a range of major and emerging market currencies with our WorldCurrency® CDs. They’re available in 3-month terms so, at maturity, you can easily move money between currencies, back into the U.S. dollarx or simply roll over your balance into a new term.

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  • Multi-Currency CD Baskets

    Consider our WorldCurrency® CD Baskets for instant diversification in multiple foreign currencies. Baskets, which are comprised of 3 to 6 individual currency CDs, are available in 3-month terms and offer exceptional diversification in a single investment.

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Access AccountCDsCD Baskets
Minimum to open$2,500 or $100/mo.$10,000$20,000
Open in your currency of choice
Purchase plan available

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We back our smart, simple and cost-effective solutions for expanding your portfolio with a combination of assurances you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

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Because every investor is different, including their tolerance for risk, we offer a host of ways to achieve your investment needs and goals.

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Take advantage of the unique opportunity to create a more diverse portfolio through a bank that’s backed by a long history of strength, stability and being there for its clients.

Access to our experts

Let our expertise in the global markets work to your advantage. From day 1, our World Markets experts will be here for you with timely insights and dedicated support.

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